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TYT crew 2 by EclecticNinja
TYT crew 2
Quick sketches I created of some of the members of The Young Turks, Cara Santamaria, Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh and Dave Rubin.
TYT crew 1 by EclecticNinja
TYT crew 1
These are some quick sketches that I created of the members of The Young Turks, Anna, Cenk, Jayar and John. 
Carolina Ribeiro by EclecticNinja
Carolina Ribeiro


DOB: November 23rd, 1990

From: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


 Carolina was born in the heart of Rio de Janeiro to a capoeira instructor and a university professor. When she was two years old, her beast gene activated after being bitten by a spider. She became double-jointed, reclusive and developed a craving for flying insects. When she was in kindergarten, her father had to take her to the doctor after her teacher complained that she could never stay still and chased flies around the classroom. The doctors misdiagnosed her as having ADHD and had her take Ritalin. When the medication didn't help, her father enrolled her in his capoeira classes to keep her out of trouble and give her an outlet for her energetic behavior. This also didn't help as the Ritalin dosages were making her too hyperactive. When a Jiu Jitsu class opened in the gym next to his, he signed her up for those classes as well. He also had her take hip hop dance classes on the weekends. When she was in high school, she was competing in capoeira, MMA tournaments and hip hop dance contests. By the time she was sixteen, she already had 11 wins, 0 losses in her MMA record. She also had won multiple awards for capoeira. The summer after she graduated from high school, her and her dance crew traveled to NYC for the summer to audition to compete on a talent show. However on the day of the audition, as a side-effect of the Ritalin, Carolina developed a case of nausea and vomited on stage during the performance. Not only did their group not make it through the audition but her group decided to ban her from the group. While waiting for her father to come pick her up at the hostel that her and her group were staying at, she saw a commercial on TV for the Monster Fist championship. When she returned to Rio, she convinced her MMA gym to sponsor her and against her father's wishes, flew back to NYC to become a Monster Fist competitor. 



Carolina has developed an addiction to her Ritalin and though doping is illegal in Monster Fist, she has received a pass for her ADHD diagnosis. 

Because of her Ritalin, Carolina could maintain an A average all though out school and keep up with capoeira, MMA and hip hop dancing. 

Carolina got her nickname "Spider-Girl" for her flexibility, natural gymnastics ability and self-taught parkour skills. 


Miranda and Jaelin Protesting by EclecticNinja
Miranda and Jaelin Protesting
Haven't been able to make it down to the protests because of work but I definitely plan on making it to the Million March NYC. In the meantime, as an artist who believes in social justice, I think it's important to at least make an art piece where my characters are protesting. 
Valencia Valdez by EclecticNinja
Valencia Valdez

Valencia "The Anaconda"  Valdez

Age: 19

DOB: March 23rd 1991

From: Jersey City, New Jersey

Style: Snake Style Kung Fu and Wrestling 


  Valencia was born into a struggling working-class community in Jersey City. Her parents immigrated from Argentina to escape poverty. She was sent to Argentina to live with her grandparents while her family dealt with some issues. When she was four, she experienced her beast-gene mutation after having contact with snakes while site-seeing in the tropics. Valencia exhibited reclusive behavior and dangerous strength. Upon returning to Jersey, her parents had divorced and she was forced to get a job during high school to help support her family. She often got into fights at school and her family had gotten multiple law suits due to the damage Valencia had done to her schoolmates. After visiting a clinic, a doctor diagnosed her as a Man-Beast and told her family that her violent behavior and strength wasn't her fault, urging the courts to lighten her punishment. In meantime, Valencia had been taking Kung-Fu classes with a family friend and joined the wrestling team in high school. When a member of the wrestling team told her that she won money from amateur MMA fights, she decided to pursue MMA as well. She won all of her bouts via chokehold submission leaving with a 10-0 record. When she nearly hospitalized half of her opponents, a sponsor from Monster Fist who happened to be watching her last match agreed to be her sponsor and sign her up to be a competitor. Her main goal with Monster Fist is to support her family and help them out of poverty. 


Although her Man-Beast diagnosis excused her from her violent behavior at school, Valencia is quite rebellious and is outcast by her classmates. 
Valencia is an avid hardcore metal fan. 

ref used…

So, I finally found a job (or 2). I am working on Saturdays as a TA for the arts organization I worked at over the summer and I am also working as a TA at a new organization that just recently hired me. That job is Mon-Friday, 3 hours a day. They also have me doing office work here and there so I am basically doing similar work to my work-study job during school.
Also, I started talking to this girl and I really like her so far and we are now casually dating. Nothing serious yet but we've been talking and hanging out and getting to know each other. I guess we'll see where this goes.
I am still pretty broke despite having a job. I still have to pay off my credit card bill, I have to give my mom money for bills, build up my savings and now that I have a learner's permit, I need to pay for driver's ed classes once I have the money. Also, I have student loans to start paying off in January. So not looking forward to that...
I am also freelancing so I haven't had much time to work on my own art so that sucks but I have at least been making money from that while I was unemployed. 
I really hope that things keep getting better, though I am always prepared for things to go wrong or not how I planned. 


EclecticNinja's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I graduated from Parsons, The New School for Design (Class of 2014)

I'm an illustrator, digital painter, animator and writer. I love story telling and writing about characters that I feel don't get enough representation in all forms of entertainment media. Being an African American lesbian atheist, I never see any characters on TV or in comics or movies that are anything like me.

I self-published a queer teen romance comic book called Jaelin and Miranda, which can be bought here:…

I have a 6 page prequel to my story that can be read on my FB art page…

Be sure to drop a "like"!

Youtube channel:



*****I am up for commissions*****
Digital or traditional and I am starting a new system where I will order clients a digital print of the work. I will also ship traditional work to your address. I use paypal to receive payments.

I do NOT do free requests. Unless you want to do an art trade, there are no exceptions to that.


Single character sketch portrait: $5
Single character sketch bust/waist up: $10
Single character sketch full body: $15
Multiple character sketch: $5 per portrait, $10 per bust, $12 per full body

Single character portraits (line art, colored): $20
Single character painted portrait (no line art): $40
Single character waist up/bust (line art, colored): $50 (no line art): $70
Single character full body: $75 (no line art) $80
Multiple characters: $20+ $10 per character


Single character sketch portrait: $5
Single character sketch bust/waist up: $10
Single character sketch full body: $15
Multiple character sketch: $5 per portrait, $10 per bust, $12 per full body

Single character portraits (line art, colored): $25
Single character painted portrait (no line art): $45
Single character waist up/bust (line art, colored): $45 (no line art): $55
Single character full body: $65 (no line art) $75
Multiple characters: $10 per character

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